Keanu Silva is back on Mixmash Records with his long-awaited record ‘Troubles’. And what a track this is! During this time of uncertainty, fractures of hope and positivity can spark up a day like nothing else
does. As the song states: troubles don’t last for long.

Hailed as one of Germany’s fastests rising stars, Keanu Silva is here to bring you his new single ‘Troubles’. The vibe, vocal and mix displays pure positivity and craftsmanship, something Silva is well known for! This track is the perfect example of a blend between electro house beats and the signature Silva sound.

Keanu Silva: “Especially during this time where it’s sometimes difficult to find positivity with all the negative vibes surrounding right now, I feel this track is the perfect sound for you to cheer up on and to lose your mind on”.

The energetic build-up that we have come to know as Keanu Silva’s signature sound once again does its magic. The track is filled with vibes of summer and sunshine, and creates the urge to jump up from the couch and go out to enjoy the world around you. Whether you listen to troubles during your workout, while driving your car or at the end of a long working
day, we can assure you that Troubles will give you that extra boost!