Rivessi (Daniel Clarke) is a 21-year-old producer from London, UK. Growing up in southeast London, Rivessi grew a passion for playing the piano from a very young age. It was this that inspired him to create his own music. He spent countless hours using production programs such as FL studio, trying out different genres and styles to find what he wanted to create.

His newest release comes in the shape of an addictive future house pearl called “Say Goodbye” and we just love it !

‘”Say Goodbye” counts as the dreamed soundtrack for the warm winds of fall, although the song is destined to please well beyond that. By effortlessly weaving in yearning vocals , Rivessi latest single highlights a producer sitting at the top of his game.

As the beat progresses, the record dives into a sultry pre-chorus, preparing a jubilant climax and bursting out with an instant feelgood melody—one that’s sure to push the party to the next level. Listen it bellow and don’t forget to add it your favorite Spotify playlist: