Apart from being widely known for his live sets, the aspiring world-class artist brings dynamic productions to the table. Shimmering with melodies, infectious bass plucks, and emotive vocals, the new release highlights a new musical facet to NOME.’s ever-growing production game. The rare track that doesn’t live up to its name, “Hard To Love” is anything but, guaranteeing to melt the hearts of fans worldwide.

Next to his already impressive catalogue of own productions, NOME. also knows how to rock the dancefloor with his unique sets. His energetic mixing and choice of tracks already got him touring in Asia in 2019 & 2020. Doing a live set on the legendary Euromast in Rotterdam in collaboration with 1001tracklists and being invited by Dutch radio channel SLAM! twice, are only the beginning of what’s to come. NOME. might be the new kid of the block but is here to stay!


I started the first idea of ‘Hard To Love’ almost two years ago during the pandemic. At that moment in my career I was really evolving my new sound. This track is the perfect example of working towards my own identity. Together with the amazing vocals by Amanda Collis, It’s the perfect energetic track for your workout or to listen to in the car. After lots of hours in the studio, I’m more than happy to show everyone the end result!” 

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