When you instantly get highly coveted remix support from one of the industry’s most in-demand act, you know you’re onto something as an emerging act. For their debut single, mOat managed to get German duo Âme on board, securing a rendition of ‘Paradise’ that’s already been picked up by A-list artists such as Fideles, Kevin de Vries, Eelke Kleijn, Fur Coat, Nic Fanciulli, Richie Hawtin, Joris Voorn, Gai Barone and more.

Flaunting their lauded production aesthetic, German pair Âme take control of the dance floor with their take on mOat’s ‘Paradise’. Helmed by an edgy offbeat bassline, organ-like synths and a near-utopian vocal presence, this remix is a blissful soundscape just begging to be explored.


“MOat’s ‘Paradise’ made us reminisce about the sound we had when we started working together”, Âme say. “We’ve enjoyed our fair share of disco, ‘80s and new wave, and these influences form the essence of our remix.”

Stepping onto the world stage with their 2005 club-conquering single ‘Rej’, the German duo of Frank Wiedemann and Kristian Beyer have evolved continuously since, challenging club-goers’ expectations with their conceptually driven and thoroughly visceral music. The duo are also known for crafting emotional anthems, strumming at your heartstrings with their cinematic single ‘Tatischeff’ and their glowing and nearly ubiquitous remix of ‘Howling’. The members of Âme often perform separately, with Beyer on DJ duties and Wiedemann playing live sets, though recent Âme II Âme gigs find them dissolving the boundaries between those formats. Âme are also primary partners of the many-armed Innervisions label/collective with Dixon, fostering the future of house with carefully selected releases, all-encompassing live events and their own boutique shop, all solidifying the connection between the artists and their admirers.

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