Chris Voss is a German electronic music producer. His musical career began at a very young age starting as a DJ in local clubs. After a few life changing experiences at multiple EDM festivals, Chris Voss started producing and developed his own style.

Chris Voss marks his debut on Ensis with a massive vocal future rave banger, ready to unleash a huge amount of energy once it gets played. Synth plucks are layered with low end grumbles before a reverbed melody builds the track and helps send the release into overdrive. The break comes easily and gentle, allowing the listener to catch his breath and enjoy the sublime vocals, but not for long, because “One Night” ‘s drop will hit you again like a hammer, with the full force of the future rave genre.

No matter if you are at a rave, club or even at party with your friends, this smasher will get you dance in no time ! But don’t take our word for it, just convince yourself by hitting that play button.

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