Rob Black, who is better known as Girls Love DJs has been making waves in the dance music scene for quite some time now. These past years, he has continued to play at some of the biggest festivals in the world, but last year he decided to tour a little less and focus more on production. It looks like this decision has paid off, seeing as recently he has signed with Spinnin’ Records and just a few days ago, he debuted his first single on the label, called “Dynamite”.

For this occasion, we’ve had the chance to talk to him and find out more about his career, so if you are curious to find out more details about him, make sure to check out our exclusive interview below!

1) Hey, Rob. How are you?

I’m really good, thanks for asking!

2) First of all, we want to know. How did it all start for you?

Well, it all started I think 7 years ago when I started with DJ-ing. Two years after I started it got serious. In a short time I spent most of my time DJ’ing and at the same time I started to develop my hunger to produce my own music.

3) At the beginning of your career, what was the hardest thing you’ve had to overcome?

Nerves. It is always exciting to be the DJ for a big crowd as a newbie.

4) What are some of your inspirations as an artist, who do you look up to?

There are many haha. Mick Jagger, because, Mick Jagger. Calvin Harris because in my opinion he is one of the most musically skilled people of this time. Lenny Kravitz because he is amazing performer on and off stage! I could go on and on about artists I look up to…

5) Tell us a little bit more about your recent single with Dux n Bass. How did this collaboration came to be?

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We were working on another single, but we got stuck. We decided to clear our minds and listen to some other music. At one point I played Dux n Bass the vocals of ‘Dynamite’, they loved the vocals and got inspired so we jumped into the studio and recorded the track in no time!

6) What does this record say about your evolution as an artist?

I love of all kinds of music. From classical music to hip hop and from pop to house, as long as it has some kind of sexiness in it. In the past I released different types of music. By releasing this Drum ’n Bass inspired track I think I can showcase my diversity as an artist.

7) What would you say the most exciting aspect of today’s dance music scene is?

That everything is different and everyone is open minded. Every artist is free to release music without fans acting surprised. Eclectic for the win!

8) As an artist, how would you define success?

Being able to do what makes you happy!

9) What else do you have in store for the following months?

I really look forward to my track with Sam Feldt which will be released on his album. Next to that, I am completing my second track and I am touring a lot this summer. I will host the main stage at Amsterdam Open Air and I will give a party at The Ark. Good Times!

10) Do you have anything else you would like to share with our readers?

I hope I can continue to surprise everyone with my music and hope that everyone will keep following my work and the evolution of my career.

11) Thank you for answering our questions!

Thanks for asking me my friend!

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