French house music producer and multi-instrumentalist Blazers presents the ‘Live At The Fitness Room’ EP, released on Skint Records on 4 March, backed by a sublime piano house Ashley Beedle remix of the title track.

Having teased the EP with ‘Traffic Lights’, featuring a vocal sample of Shirley Lites ‘Heat You Up’ (West End), ‘Live At The Fitness Room’ EP showcases Blazers’ love of the ‘80s aesthetic and Italo disco, along with the seductive groove of deep house.

Title track ‘Live At The Fitness Room’ was inspired by old school fitness TV shows. The sparkling house track features congas samples and evolves into a catchy, uplifting house track. The deep and sultry Ashley Beedle piano house remix is perfect for sweaty after-hours clubs…or locker rooms! 


‘Subdued’ is reminiscent of vintage deep house. Composed under the sea during a Eurostar trip, the track conjures up a warm atmosphere, alongside a hypnotic bassline.

‘Traffic Lights’ was described by Blazers as “heavily influenced by Hi-NRG songs, Italo-disco and synth wave remixes such as Lifelike’s famous track ‘Heatwave’”. The looping synths and pulsating piano chords shimmer throughout, accompanied by the uplifting vocal sample of Shirley Lites ‘Heat You Up’ (West End).  ‘Traffic Lights’ was supported by Sarah Story (BBC Radio 1 Future Dance), Sam Divine, Chrissy, Sasha, Auntie Flo, John Digweed, Roger Sanchez, TCTS and AmyElle on KISS.  

Blazers, aka Timothée Suillaud, is a Paris-born multi-instrumentalist, producer, and DJ.He released several EPs on French local labels, whilst playing around clubs and festivals. Blazers’ ‘Side2Side’ caught the attention of British labels, which led him to sign a recording deal with Skint Records. Blazers has since also released on GLBDOM, Berlin House Music, and Nymphony Records.

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