Zight (Tony Yau) is a songwriter & music producer from Hong Kong & London and his newest self release comes in the shape of a brilliant deep house infused pearl.

Zight teamed up with Peter Forest for the bouncy, feel good track, which features standout piano riffs and vocals that you’ll know by heart in no time. True to Zight‘s mantra of producing feel-good music, “Everybody Keep Running” demands that listeners be smiling and dancing throughout its entirety.


Featuring typical house basses and stabs alongside perfect vocals, this track is a prime example of what top quality deep house should sound like. The transitions between breakdowns and drops are seamless and the whole track has a very smooth, positive vibes and constant energy to it, making it a perfect choice for any club dancefloor around the world. Definitely a production you are not allowed to miss out on, so go check it out now!

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