Eternuit is a multi-talented producer & songwriter from the scenic town of Udine in Northern Italy, about a 1 ½ hour drive from Venezia (Venice). Growing up in a town with Renaissance architecture and beautiful Piazzas, Eternuit developed a fine-tuned ear for sonic beauty. His musical journey started when he picked up a guitar as a child and discovered the power of music.

Featuring a smooth and chilling vocals alongside a calm, happy but still groovy instrumental, Eternuit manages to capture and display perfect summery vibes on this release. The blend of tropical house elements with the smooth plucks and stabs and the deep house groove and guitars work perfectly together, creating both energy and an unique happy atmosphere in the tune. The transitions are well executed and the track flows nicely, the drops and verses alternating well to provide excitement and variation on the tune. Listen it bellow and let us know if you like it :

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