Spanish producer Antonio Moreno just released a sublime trance song called “Eivissa” on Puta De Madre Music and we just love everything about this track, starting with the energy, vibes and melodies.

I’m based in Berlin, but Spanish at heart. The island of Ibiza is very special to me. It’s love, it was love at first sight. Anyone who has visited Ibiza, and continues to visit the island year by year, knows exactly why it’s so unique and special. I tried to put the sacred energy of my beloved Eivissa into this
production. Tried to catch the vibe, the spirituality. And I hope this production, especially the melody, reflects it all – said Antonio Moreno.

Featuring powerful basslines, ambiental background vocals and an energetic trance infused atmosphere, there’s nothing not to like about this Antonio Moreno release. The tune evolves from section to section, making use of different synths or basslines which creates a good amount of diversity and keeps the track fresh, while still maintaining a cohesive and powerful atmosphere. The transitions between breaks and beats are well done, the track flowing nicely and further reinforcing the trancy aspect of it.

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