One of the hottest and promising talents comes from Turin, Italy and if you haven’t heard about LUM!X by now, the interview below will quickly solve this.

1.     Hey Luca, how have you kept inspired during the past year?

  • Had a lot of time to rethink my project, the direction I want ‘Lum!x’ to go. Made a lot of experimenting with new sounds and genres and that kept me inspired.

2.     You’re on a roll right now. On the back of your release ‘Major Tom’, you now give us ‘Annie Are You Okay’. What’s this journey been like for you? 

  • So happy about my start this year! So much music yet to come that I’ve been working on the past few months. Also real fun working with Hyperclap, Nick Strand and Mio.

3.     For ‘Annie Are You Okay’ you worked with a brilliant team of artists: Nick Strand and Mio. How was it working on this collaboration?

  • Great. They pitched me the demo and I immediately loved it! Unluckily we couldn’t meet yet due to the virus.

4.     What was your inspiration for ‘Annie Are You Okay’?

  • We wanted to combine oldschool house vibes, in a modern style also adding those really catchy vocal chops.

5.     With so many records being dropped how do you keep your production fresh?

  • Always trying out new stuff! Actually I produce so much music and only a few records see the daylight in the end. So I have time to perfection my ideas and new creations.

6.     Who are the legends on your bucket list to collaborate with? 

  • Dj wise definitely David Guetta or Tiesto, but speaking about Pop stars, I’d really like to work with Coldplay or Lauv once. 

7.     Have you spent a lot of time in the studio during lockdown? 

  • Basically every day since there was nothing else to do. As mentioned above there is lots of new stuff coming up. 

8.     What do you have in store release wise and are there any other exciting projects on the horizon? 

  • I’ll drop my first solo single but also some big collabs will follow this year! Stay tuned!

9.      Finally, do you have a quick message to your fans?

  • Let’s hope we can start doing shows again this summer and everything goes back to normal as soon as possible! Until then, thanks for supporting me and streaming my music!
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