Lenell Brown has made a name for himself through his heartfelt romantic lyrics, exceptional vocal talents and catchy tunes that have reached the top of charts. ‘Don’t Waste It’ was one of Lenell’s hit releases from earlier this year where he teamed up with Ben Mühlethaler and James Hoover to deliver an upbeat and funky tune. We caught up with Lenell to find out more about the process behind his releases and whether we have more to look forward to! Check out what he had to say below.

What was the inspiration behind ‘Don’t Waste It’?

I guess the main inspiration comes from pass relationships where you give everything to a relationship to make it work but somehow the focus is more on what’s not than what is. Sometimes it’s hard to have the perfect situation so you should just make the most of the time and moments you do have and…. ‘DON’T WASTE IT’

What is your favourite part of the release? 

My favourite part of this release was the production on the ‘Chill Ibiza Mix’. I just love that version of the track. Another great collaboration on the mix with James Hoover.

Talk us through yours and Ben’s working relationship?

Ben is just great, so talented in all areas of the production and helps me maintain my signature sound. He knows when and how to push me to get my best vocal performance. We have been working close together for years, so he is more than just my producer, he’s a true friend, and together we have compiled a pretty decent catalogue of more than 100 registered tracks and a number or charting tracks.

Did you two have to work virtually on the track or was this made pre-lockdown? 

When the lockdown hit Switzerland, we had already finished the vocal sessions for this track. So, we were really lucky.

How have you been coping with Covid?

Of course, the Covid news is everywhere and weighs heavy on my mind. So, I just listen to my health officials and do my best to follow their recommendations.  On the upside I have been spending allot of time writing new tracks.

How has the initial reaction been? 

The reaction has been FANTASTIC especially toward the ‘Chill Ibiza Mix’

What sparks your creativity when writing lyrics

Great question. EVERYTHING! I’m a romantic, so writing about love and relationships and even heartbreak or the girl that got away, are high in my thought process lol…. and of course, the vibe and groove of the track. The beat is very important towards determining what emotion you want to express.

How does this compare with some of your other release?

It was great because I got to work with a very talented director for the video from Spain Vince Magnata. So that was really a nice collaboration. You can check it out here: https://youtu.be/Om73_o4lN1A  

Do you have anything else in the pipeline for people to get excited about?

The release of a track with Spain’s up and coming DJ duo The Young Saints titled ‘WAKE UP’ and an incredible collaboration with a couple of Spain’s top DJ/ producers Pepe Cano & Chris Dahlberg called “Turn it up“, it’s a killer track.

Finally, where can people go to grab a copy? 

You can download the track on all digital platforms or stream it on Spotify.