Paz and Haze first teamed up on ‘Feel Your Heart’ a track that peaked at #18 on the Beatport Deep House Chart. Like on ‘Feel Your Heart’, Lucia Haze plays a key role on new track ‘Hold On’ with vocals that traverse through dark and deep to bright and poppy. Lucia Haze is a Mexican artist that emerged into the electronic music scene in 2010 and was awarded as Best Deep House DJ in 2016 by DJ World Awards.

Since we were curios about Mateo Paz future plans and projects, we invited him to a friendly and fast chat, which you can read it below:

1.What was the inspiration behind your new release ‘Hold On’?

I can honestly say that the inspiration behind this amazing track is the time I have been living in the Emirates. I was experimenting with sounds influenced by Dubai´s scene and I fell in love with the track since the beginning of the production.

2. How was it like working with Lucia Haze again?

What can I tell you? I really like and enjoy working with Lucia Haze, she has a great timbre and her vocals always fit nicely into the productions. We have worked together before and we have great chemistry. I am sure that there will be more songs from us.

3. What is your favorite part of the track?

It’s hard to say which part is my favourite, but I can say I got the drop first. As a DJ and producer, the track must flow nicely in full length and if there is a boring section you should remove it. You have to actually enjoy the whole track, if not, it’s not worth putting it out.

4. What were your goals going into making this track?

I had three goals, the first one, to make people happy with the song, which is one of the biggest satisfactions as an artist. The second one was experimenting with Dubai´s sound and last but not least; hearing the song in a club or radio station.

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5. What is the process of preparing for your weekly radio show ‘Gain’ like?

First of all, I listen and analyze the promos I receive on my email during the week. Then I start preparing the playlist. Afterwards I record and master all my mixes. While doing this I have my camera and sound system ready, playing with it to warm up until the day I do the radio show. Thanks to COVID-19 I started streaming “Gain” every week.

6. Tell us about your label ‘Stereotheism’. Do you have any upcoming releases on Stereotheism?

The creation of Stereotheism as a label is recent but the story behind it is not. I’ve been organising parties in Poland under the same name. For me Stereotheism means that music is religion and Stereo is the wavelength of our souls. Stereotheism is evolving and you will soon hear about new projects.

7. What is it like DJing and living in Dubai?

Compared to Europe, Dubai is different. Almost all restaurants have DJ´s, not just clubs. This helps you to perform almost everyday, practice makes perfect. The weather is sunny during almost the whole year, parties never stop. You can say that Dubai is a fun city and a great place for DJ´s to play every day if they want.

8. Do you have any other goals you’d like to achieve in 2020?

2020 is a challenge for the music industry. My personal goal is to keep learning about any subject that can improve my career and to make more and better connections in the industry without ignoring my health. For now, I’m focusing on production and streaming and I am grateful for that.