Splice and Spinnin’ Records present an exciting new edition of their unique partnership, this time featuring famed US DJ/productional duo Breathe Carolina with an exclusive ‘Make My Song Pop Sample Pack’. For this, the guys have delivered a special collection from their studio, from high energy drums and epic synth leads to the nice guitar and uplifting vocal sounds. It’s the ultimate package for home producers to deliver that uplifting Dance-Pop track, available now here .

Launched in September 2019, the unique partnership between Splice and Spinnin’ Records already resulted in exclusive sample packs for several genres, including Big Room, Tech House and Future House. Every package includes strong tools for a producer, from upwinding grooves, heavy drops and modulated basslines to various presets and over 200 samples.

Earlier this year, Sam Feldt had the honor to be the first artist to host this sample pack series. He brought a special collection of sounds from both his studio and live band together on the ‘Heartfeldt Signature Sounds’ sample pack. And Blasterjaxx was the second artist in line. The power duo brought their big collection of EDM sounds together on the ‘Soundpack’, this was only part 1, more will follow soon! After this it was KURA to present its sounds in this exciting series. The Portuguese hotshot brought the ultimate package for home producers to get the rave started.

“We are so excited to finally release our first sample pack! We’ve been wanting to do this for a while and worked hard to provide the best possible sounds. The pack is versatile for all producers across any genre. The midi is gonna let you take a basic guideline make it your own, we have original vocal loops to pitch and chop however, guitars, bass, and every drum you can think of. We hope you enjoy it!” – explains Breathe Carolina

And now, Breathe Carolina is the fourth act to present their sounds in this exciting series. The US superstar duo is known for producing strong, energetic dance tracks, featuring epic melodies, huge drops and pounding beats. It’s what turned them into worldwide acknowledged dance stars, currently listed #62 in the DJ Top 100.

And for sure, it’s those blazing sounds that received the world’s attention you will all find on this very special ‘Make My Song Pop Sample Pack’ by Breathe Carolina. Expect a unique collection of production tools, ranging from kicks, guitars, synths, vocals and samples. This is surely the place to kickstart your next Dance-Pop hit

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