Mystik Vybe is back to release a brand-new EP on Deeplomatic Recordings called ‘Take Me Home’.

On the first track of the EP ‘Take Me Home’ you can find a nice blend of dreamy synths, sharp percussions, unique textures and the amazing vocals of Keiran Fowkes.

The second track ‘Still Think’ is defined by the same style, deep house, with a sublime arpeggio riff as a main element. The EP also contains two outstanding remixes from Made By Pete and Denite. To celebrate the release of his EP, we had an interesting chat with Mystik Vybe !

1 . What Was the inspiration behind your EP  Take Me Home?

My inspiration for the EP was the deep sound of Berlin and the amazing voice of Kieran Fowkes.

2. What was your original plan when you first sat down to create this EP? Did it change at all?

When I write a new track, I usually start with the instrumental and then look for the vocal and adapt it to the instrumental part. It happen the same way with both of the tracks from the EP.

3. Did the EP meet your expectations?

I expected the tracks or the remixes from the EP to be played in Ibiza this summer by the big players of the industry but, unfortunately, the season in Ibiza was cancelled this year due to the Covid-19 situation.

4- What were your reactions like after listening to the remixes by Denite and Made By Pete?

I love the remixes, they sound amazing, I was expecting that. Denite and Made By Pete are part of my top 5 favourite music producers in the world when it comes to melodic house.

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5. What is your favourite production equipment/program/feature at the moment?

Love using the synths from I-I-he and Arturia, Moog Sub Phatty for the bass, also Fab Filter, Soundtoys and Waves to shape the sound and give it more intensiw and character. As a DÅW, I like both Logic and Ableton, for Take Home EP I’ve used Logic.

6. What is your process like when prqaring for a DJ set?

I don’t have any process for a DJ set, I just make sure I have back up for my music. I Always have with me 3 memory sticks.

7- Will you be releasing any new music soon?

Yes, my new releases Will be on Redlight Music and Siena.

8. Do you have any other goals you’ d like to achieve in 2020?

Yes, of course, my music to get higher in the charts and to be played in clubs and on the radio stations.