Stadiumx is the amazing duo comprising Sully and Dave. Over the past years, the guys have been continuously wowing their fans with their high quality music and their breathtaking performances and now, they’ve decided to take their career to the next level, by launching their very own label! Due to this amazing opportunity, we’ve had the chance to have a little chat with the guys, so make sure to check out our exclusive interview below. Enjoy!

  1. Hey guys! How have you been lately?

We’re doing great thanks! In the current situation we are going through a quite difficult time, but we are also trying to stay positive!

  1. How are these times for you? What have you been doing during this quarantine?

This is a difficult time not only for us but for everyone. Obviously show business is an economically sensitive area anyway. Since we can’t travel we spent even more time in the studio than the usual and working on lots of lots of music.

  1. You’ve recently launched your very own record label. Tell us a little bit about your new venture.

The actual idea of our own label has been on our mind for many years, however there was always other project we had to focus on. Collaborations, remixes, it was more about building our own profile. We were all agreeing on that if we establish a label then we want to operate it standalone. Finally this year it was time to take this milestone!

  1. What are you hoping to achieve with this new label?

We want to open a whole new chapter for the profile with the label and do everything in parallel with Stadiumx and Sub Religion. We’re looking for fresh, new music. We’re trying to shape a new era and make the future progressive direction with the sound.

  1. You’ve also just released a brand new single with Sam Martin, „Be Mine”. Can you tell us a little bit about this single and how did this collaboration come to be?

We first met Sam’s name when we did a remix for Sultan & Ned Shaperd years ago. When we got the stems we already found his voice amazing. Back then, unfortunately we couldn’t work together, but later we could do a remix for David Guetta’s song “Lovers On The Sun” which Sam also sang and we loved working on the song. Then we decided to do a song together. This became “Love You Forever” with Nicky Romero. So officially this is the second song we did together and it’s a fantastic feeling to work with him again.

  1. What else are you guys preparing for us? Anything exciting you’d like to share with our readers?

As we said we work on a lot of music and for the rest of the year we will do 2 releases every month on Sub Religion and on other labels as well. We’re working on very exciting collabs as well but that’s a secret!

  1. With summer just around the corner, how are you guys feeling about all these festivals being cancelled?

We feel very bad about this situation and we hope that the situation will soon resolve and there will be an opportunity to save at least a few events for the summer. Right now people’s safety is at the highest priority and we’re sure we’ll be able to party with all of you again soon! Even harder than before! We also done and plan to do live streams. Among them was a stream last week for charities to help people in these difficult times, but we’ll do a very special live stream this Saturday for Balaton Sound Festival.

  1. And finally, what is the first thing you’re planning on doing once quarantine is over?

Party like crazy!

  1. Thank you for answering our questions!

Thank you for the interview. It was our pleasure.