Maximals and FaderX are back on Protocol Recordings with their newest release “Free,” a dance-pop crossover gem featuring Nashville artist Jordan Grace. The track upholds Protocol‘s signature progressive house sound with a steady build to the danceable yet toned-down drop, complemented with uplifting melodies and Grace’s breathy vocals.

Free” is a feel-good record that will resonate with many listeners who have felt the desire to break away from the sometimes-suffocating responsibilities of life, often finding blissful escape in dance music experiences. It’s the first time that MaximalsFaderX and Jordan Grace have worked together. “Free” is Maximals‘ 8th and FaderX‘s 6th release on the label, following Maximals‘ groovy single “All of Me” with PØP CULTUR, released in May, and Faderx‘s “Lose Yourself” on DOORN Records. You can check it out below!