No stranger to STMPD RCRDS, Dyro is now back on Martin Garrix’s world-beating label with another typically huge cut that’s ready for the festival season ahead. We already know of his reputation for making some of the craziest records of recent times — including Martin Garrix collab ‘Latency’ — but he’s really excelled himself on ‘Bombai’.

The first single to be taken from his eagerly-awaited new EP for STMPD RCRDS, ‘Bombai’ is already receiving heavy rotation in Garrix’s sets. It’s not hard to see why. Kicking off with a cute chime motif twinkling over filtered chords and snappy beats, it soon explodes into a triumphant, buzzing lead that replays the chime melody. The build-up raises the bar higher before we’re slammed headlong into an ecstatic combination of synth, bass and beats.

Classic Dyro fills chop up and punctuate this groove before a countermelody teases us towards another meaty breakdown. Dulcet pianos greet us there, giving a moment of calm as pads subtly swirl in the ether. An even more monstrous build up is all that’s needed to propel the track higher still. You can almost taste the CO2 cannons when the final drop hits! Showing a masterful sense of melody and dynamics, ‘Bombai’ is the sound of Dyro at his very best.