After tantalizing listeners and industry alike with his twisted, decadent “Chapter One.” EP, the faceless enigma Howwler is back to haunt dreams with the next edition. “Chapter Two.” builds on the dark ambiance that its predecessor set as the foundation for Howwler‘s eerie aesthetic; it begins with his signature, eerie wolf howl, a sure sign that he is about to lead the listener into the night. The opening track “The Vault” sets the tone for the EP, featuring purposeful, jarring percussion and ominous basslines, coupled with laser-influenced on the topline. Its prophetic, ominous feel will have listeners on the edge of their seats throughout its entirety.

However, Howwler is just getting started; the real standout of the EP is “One Mode.” The intro builds anticipation with increasingly persistent beats, until the track explodes into a cacophony of swift, serrating synths and pummeling basslines. It’s the type of acid house and techno influenced track that ravers have lost their minds to in dark warehouses for decades, and Howwler is the mad scientist on stage. Listen the full EP below!