Miami based producer Alex Ariete just released his new tune called “Change Of Time”. What’s new and innovative about this track are the measures of the instrumental part. The artist called this a triple house and described as a new genre on the EDM scene.

The way Triple House is differentiated from other genres is by the time signature, which is 3/4 instead of having a common 4/4 measure. This type of timing makes the songs sound faster and it is experienced by having a quick pace and high energy. The new EDM timing is a rhythm check, because our music brain is used to the 4/4 time signature, and this adjustment completely changes things.

It does sounds a bit strange to our ear, but nevertheless the level of production is high, everything sounds balanced and filled with the required amount of energy to make the masses move. Convince yourself about this let’s call it experiment and if you dig it, then follow this guy, because I’m sure that we will hear more from him.

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