In this exclusive interview, we sit down with Federico Rosa, a talented DJ and Producer, to delve into his creative process and sources of inspiration. Federico shares insights into his music production journey, discussing how he finds inspiration in different environments and the importance of staying open to new ideas; he also reveals his passion for modern painting and fashion, highlighting the diverse sources that fuel his creativity.
Join us as we explore the mind of Federico Rosa and discover the inner workings of his artistic world.

Hi Federico! How’s it going?
All good, thanks! 😊

To begin, can you start by telling us about your creativity? What inspires you to get creative?
The environment I’m in is definitely important; changing environments occasionally helps me develop new ideas. Even just being outdoors helps me a lot. Listening to a DJ set from one of my favorite DJs or simply listening to music in general are all things that inspire me.

Do you have any tips and tricks for getting into the creative mindset? What do you do if you find yourself struggling to feel creatively motivated?

One thing that helps a lot is definitely drawing inspiration from tracks by other producers or using one of my old projects as a starting point.

What was the last thing that inspired one of your tracks?

Listening to a lot of music from all genres.

Are any of you creative outside of music? Do you enjoy any hobbies, like painting or photography?
I’m very passionate about modern painting, but I don’t enjoy painting myself. I prefer going to an art exhibition and admiring the works. I also love fashion; I believe that creating clothing is also a form of art.

After a busy day creating music, what do you do to relax?
I go to the gym to work out or simply hang out with friends. The important thing is to relax and think about something else.

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What keeps you motivated and driven? What continues to inspire your creativity?

The passion for music and the desire to reach the set goal. Certainly, good results help a lot in continuing your journey, but even in times when nothing comes, you must always have the right mindset. The desire to always learn new things and to imagine myself playing on a certain stage are all things that keep me going.

Do you find yourself more motivated to create during the morning, afternoon, or evening?
I’m much more creative in the evening. There are fewer distractions, and I can focus better on the music.

As a usual collaborator of Producers like Manu P and Andrea Rubolini, how would you say your individual inspirations align?
First and foremost, you have to collaborate with those who do the same genre or at least similar. Everyone has their own ways of being creative, and every idea is different, but when collaborating, you have to be open to welcoming others’ ideas. Brainstorming ideas together and trying them out is definitely the best way.

Finally, are there other creative sources, besides music, that inspire your creativity? Like films, literature, art?
Watching a movie could help; many producers sample vocals from movies, I’ve done it myself in the past. Also, writing before producing… creating the skeleton of a track on paper before transforming it into a project.

We wrap up our conversation with Federico Rosa, learning about the various ways he gets creative to produce music; from finding inspiration in various environments to his love for modern art and fashion, Federico’s artistic journey is proof to the endless possibilities of creative expression. We thank Federico for sharing his insights and look forward to seeing where his boundless creativity takes him next.

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