As summer approaches, the renowned lifestyle icon Gianluca Vacchi welcomes the season with his signature sound in the release of his latest single, ‘Bala.’ Infused with the vibrant rhythms of steeldrums and Latin influences, Vacchi’s musical creation sets the perfect backdrop for the sunny days ahead.

Collaborating once again with the esteemed Dutch vocalist Flori del Pino, known for their previous work on Vacchi’s 2021 hit ‘Africa Ya,’ the track elevates with irresistible tech house beats and a captivating melodic hook. With its infectious energy, ‘Bala’ emerges as the ultimate anthem, priming audiences for the upcoming festival circuit. Now available on Spinnin’ Records

Fresh from his electrifying collaboration with Kryder on “Tromba,” released on April 12th, Gianluca Vacchi now turns up the summer heat with one of his most captivating tunes yet, destined for sun-drenched dance floors.

Launching with an infectious steeldrum melody that instantly transports listeners to Vacchi’s favorite mood, the track invites all to join in for a dance-filled spectacle. With a punchy tech house rhythm enriched by tantalizing percussion and resonant drums, ‘Bala’ delivers an infectious energy.

Adding to the track’s allure is the incomparable Flori del Pino, the celebrated vocalist who previously graced Vacchi & Bracket’s chart-topping club anthem “Africa Ya.” Here, del Pino once again enchants listeners with her sultry vocals, seamlessly interwoven into the groove and melodies like the perfect cocktail garnish.

As “Bala” entices you onto the dance floor, del Pino’s undeniable charm proves to be the ideal complement to Vacchi’s trademark production style. This track not only amplifies their individual charisma but also serves as the quintessential poolside anthem for the summer, effortlessly elevating your mood wherever you may be. And isn’t that precisely what Vacchi embodies?

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