Returning with yet another masterpiece of a track, Vini Vici have teamed up with fellow Israeli DJ/producer Ghost Rider, for the release of ‘Easy Ride.’ Implementing their signature sound(s) to the utmost of perfection, a collision between Progressive Trance and Psytrance is evident throughout, whilst the addition of singer/songwriter Wylde on vocals, helps elevate the production to a different dimension. As unique as any of their collaborations, the legendary duo ensure nothing less than the most positive of vibes with each of their endeavors, and this time is no different.

Leaving no doubt to the imagination, ‘Easy Ride’ offers listeners the perfect balance between a dance-floor hit, as well as a track that you can lay back and enjoy no matter the surroundings, and in turn, further showcases the undeniable musical prowess of each of these artists. Impacting the dance scene in more ways than none, Ghost Rider is well and truly on the rise, and with collaborations of such nature, it comes to no surprise that his music is supported by some of the biggest names within our community. A true gem of a track, Vini Vici have once again left us all in awe, with the duo also stating the following on ‘Easy Ride;’

“‘Easy Ride’ is one of the coolest tracks we have worked on lately. It has this unique balance between a dance floor hit and an easy going song you can listen to in your car or at home. We enjoyed working with our friend and a talented producer – Ghost Rider and of course, the vocals by Wylde makes an amazing imprint on this song. Good Vibes are strong with this one.” Vini Vici

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Destined for nothing less than the very top of the charts, ‘Easy Ride’ is the epitome of a track that will have anyone begging for more. As eclectic as any of their previous releases, Vini Vici guarantee success on the most constant of levels, whilst at the same time, the addition of Ghost Rider and Wylde, help further ensure the most thrilling of end products.