LETAGE, a French musician and music video director, has garnered recognition in the French music scene due to his proficiency as a rapper and director. Growing up in a creative environment in Nancy, France, LETAGE was surrounded by filmmakers and musical artists, fueling his passion for music and audiovisuals. As a result, he has become a versatile artist with a dual expertise. Initially, he made a name for himself in videography, producing captivating music videos that attracted attention from both the public and industry professionals. LETAGE‘s works showcase his overflowing creativity and keen sense of aesthetics, adding a unique visual dimension to his music.


However, LETAGE‘s talents are not limited to directing music videos. He has also demonstrated his abilities as a rapper with his distinctive style and powerful flow, standing out in the French rap scene. His lyrics are sincere, poignant, and convey significant messages, reflecting his life experiences and worldview. LETAGE‘s innovative approach and mastery of music creation have allowed him to garner attention from media and audiences alike. With his passion for music and audiovisuals, LETAGE is an artist worth watching closely in the French music industry and beyond.

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