Tyler Brooker, theajsound, and Manu Francois teamed up to bring you an addictive slap house gem called “Hypocrite”. Tyler Brooker is a house music producer from Suffolk, UK who has received success with his remix of popular Ukrainian track Bayraktar. Manu is a Father and a music creator, Caribbean born and living in New Zealand. Arjun Bhat (aka theajsound) is a singer songwriter and producer from India.

Tyler Brooker

The song was created after Tyler reached out to producer theajsound to create a new track. Tyler sent AJ a track that was close to completion, and AJ suggested getting his friend Manu Francois to sing on the track. Manu was contacted, and agreed to write his own lyrics for the track. Tyler and AJ are both familiar with slap house, and wanted to make a track full of energy with some strong male vocals to lead the way.

Manu Francois

Manu says: ” This song is a perfect anthem for anyone who’s suffered persecution by hypocrites, dishonest people and the

“Hypocrite” provides feel-good elements throughout, as this slap house single is destined for nothing other than success. A soulful masterpiece in its own right, this tune  will have listeners embark on the most meaningful and emotional of journeys, whilst at the same time, the catchy melody offered and amazing vocals ensures a groovy vibe throughout. Technically speaking the track flows perfectly, with well executed break parts, followed by perfect timed buildups. As usual, the drop is bringing the energy required for all listeners to dance to.


I will personally save this brilliant slapper in my personal playlist, so make sure that you are doing the same! Listen it bellow:

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