Moving forward on their vibrant 90’s inspired house sound, Stockholm duo ManyFew returns with the electrifying new single “To The Left To The Right.” Aiming straight at the club floor with punchy kicks, oldschool synth stabs and upwinding vocal samples, the song comes across as a true roller coaster, ready to ignite the mood with its raw, dynamic energy. Better start moving from left to right, cause this unadulterated crowdpleaser is out now on Spinnin’ Records.

Stockholm-based production duo ManyFew spent the last few years lifting spirits with their distinct blend of house and disco on iconic imprints such as Spinnin’ Records, Musical Freedom, Axtone, Selected, Perfect Havoc and 3 Beat. 

Recently, the brothers have been coming on stronger than ever, dropping festival favorites like 2021’s “Out Of My Head” (alongside Jack Wins) and last year’s hit tune “These Are The Days” (with Anton Powers), while teaming up earlier this year with US act Breathe Carolina for the euphoric single “Dancing In The Dark.”  

With ManyFew’s productions drenched in classic, soulful house vibes, the guys take things further with this newest effort. “To The Left To The Right” immediately impresses as a vintage, 90’s styled club gem, letting a dry kickdrum bounce away together with fiery vocal samples and some extremely tasty oldschool synth chords.  Adding more excitement to the party, lively drum rolls play catch with chunky tribal sounds, letting this tune roll through the rhythm, while vocals are drenched in reverbs and filtered effects – making this a sure shot for any deep house fevered club floor.


This is ManyFew in full action mode, employing their trademark sound to lift energy levels to the max, providing themselves with a highly effective DJ weapon for their upcoming club and festival shows. Just tag along with these Swedes, and you’ll feel their buzz soon enough, ‘to the left to the right.’