After a 3-year hiatus due to the pandemic, Balance Music’s legendary main compilation series returns for its 31st volume with an absolute stunner courtesy of UK DJ and producer, Tim Green.

Following in the footsteps of epic contributions from the likes of James Holden, Joris Voorn and Agoria, the celebrated artist of labels such as All Day I Dream, TRYBESof, Cocoon, Siamese and many other acclaimed imprints creates a truly beautiful story on this 2.5-hour mix. 

From Panorama Bar to fabric to Burning Man and Amnesia, Green’s classy, melodic take on house and deeper techno has been taking him across the world for a good decade-and-a-half now, and it’s the sound of his sets that he has sought to capture on this mix-albeit with concessions to a slightly wider range of sounds to suit.

Some of the songs are definitely more “outside” of the world and genre I am currently operating in” he explains, “but they are equally songs that I love and which I think have a certain crossover into my world and sound. The musicality and musical intent from each song is what’s most important. So, this time I haven’t tried to find and include all the latest unreleased and unheard forthcoming songs from artists, for the sake of being super fresh as this can be achieved easily in online mixes. Rather I’ve focused more on the songs I feel represent my sound, even if they are older perhaps, lesser known or slightly alternative.” – Tim GreenAs well as some quite remarkable exclusive original productions, he also includes eight of his own EDITs in this expansive mix.

From the blissful opening of Tim’s own ‘Time Doesn’t Have to Heal’, this is a deeply sensual mix. From pared-back, ethereal, slow-moving beginnings, the mix picks up emotional pace with the delicate guitar arpeggios of Ranta’s ‘Valor’, and a tribal lilt in the groove creates urgency in Travertia’s ‘Auwald’. His EDIT of Serious Dancers ‘Callahan’ injects heavenly optimism with its deft piano lines. The playful, mystical, swung melodies of Obbie’s ‘Synesthesia’ segue perfectly into the gently spine-tingling ‘Playces’ by mredrollo, shifting the gears up once again around the 45-minute mark as the mix begins its “come-up” phase. His own ‘Eteri’ is one of the mix’s true highlights; a brooding, chugging stunner led by a driving bassline and the beautifully melancholic sequence a chime melody. Slang & Technodreamer’s ‘Pad Destroyer (mredrollo Remix)’ lays on a stirring string arrangement and brings levity with it, bringing disc one to a magical close (in the physical version).

Tim Green

More Tim Green exclusives form standout moments in the second half: ‘It’s Only Lightning’; is a rush-inducing whirl of tingly synth melody, and the dark driving trance-tinge of ‘Monster It’. His EDIT of J’EAN’s ‘STAAHP’ seethes with dubby techno energy, urging us towards his sumptuous collaboration with Sebastien Leger, ‘Duel’ to begin the killer crescendo that rounds this mix off. His new remix of Underworld’s classic’ ‘Two Months Off’ is a tremendous and respectful rework, the lilting guitars, and soft tones of his EDIT of Axel Boman’s ‘Chestunt Heartsprite’ are a pure delight, and the sumptuous piano chords of his EDIT of Deividas Bagdanov’s ‘Champagne’ is a fittingly beautiful ending. 

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“I think this mix is perfect for long journeys” he says. “It works especially well in scenic locations, anywhere that you can sit for a long time and savour your environment. Just breathe, relax, and take in the music alongside your surroundings.” – Tim Green

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