Berlin-based viral sensation Baby B3ns follows up her smash debut single “Baby Blizzard” with a heavyweight collaboration with Grammy-winning dance music DJ and producer Imanbek. Known for her unique, genre-smashing creations, Baby B3ns blends her infectious hyperpop touch with the Kazhak’s beat wizardry for a revamp of Corey Heart’s 80s new-wave classic, “Sunglasses At Night.” The result, “SUNGLASSES,” is out now via Universal Germany.

A true Berlin chance encounter-cum-friendship, Imanbek and Benita Banu (aka Baby B3ns) first met at a party in the German capital in the summer of 2022. Celebrating with her crew, Benita randomly linked up with Imanbek and his manager at a party one night. They later exchanged music that they were working on, and Benita was immediately hooked to the “Sunglasses” beat that Imanbek had been cooking up “because it totally sounded like that new Berlin house sound,” she says. After that, it didn’t take long until Benita and Imanbek returned to the studio and turned this authentic chance encounter into a massive new track for Spring 2023. 


An international sensation ever since his “Roses” Remix (SAINt JHN) entered the official charts across the globe (UK #1, Germany #3, US #4) and turned out one of the most Shazamed tunes around the world, 22-year-old house/dance music visionary Imanbek recently carved his way back into the German Top 10 charts with 2022 single “Belly Dancer” (w/ BYOR). Previously, he’d been working with international heavyweights including Usher, Sean Paul, Afrojack, Zara Larsson, Wiz Khalifa, and Rita Ora

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A bit Cyber, a bit Grunge, and a bit cheesy, in a positive way.” 

– Baby B3ns /

Baby B3ns

Since beginning to make her own music five years ago, Baby B3ns has been designing and dropping sounds and visuals across various platforms and digital outlets – because she’s also known for her stunning outfits/looks and genre-spanning vibes for which she’s coined the term “Baby Core”. Born in Germany, she originally moved to Berlin to study acting and music and started working on her own trademark blend of hi-octane hyperpop, rap, and dance in her late teens. Inspired by the “Tumblr Girl” aesthetic, Anime vibes, and the spirit of Grunge and DIY, she’s been running Love Hotel Clothing (w/ Yung Hurn) and is apparently planning to launch her own label soon. Since 2021, she’s also been DJing regularly.