As we get ready to say goodbye to 2023, we’ve got one great surprise left on the decks that offers much promise for 2024 and beyond. Producer extraordinaire, Illangelo, is a massive name behind the boards, having produced some of the most influential and impactful artists in the world of R&B and Hip-Hop. However, despite his success in the mainstream, he looks towards underground electronic music for inspiration and his next direction. It’s all a state of mind, also the name of his debut EP, available to stream now. 

‘State of Mind’ is a glorious melding of banging peak-time techno, progressive house, and ethereal electronic music from a talent without boundaries who is not afraid to take risks and explore possibilities. The EP starts with “Enter,” at 1:54 you might think it’s short and sweet, but this banger is anything but. It sets the tone for the remainder of the EP by storming out of the gate. “Fantasy” is a classic progressive house vibe that matches Illangelo’s robo-enhanced vocals to create a futuristic vibe. Next, “Devotion” melds the chops of broken beat with the 4/4 crunch of techno, and the squelches of acid that pay homage to some of the genre’s classic tracks. The final two tracks, “Paradise” and “Hold Me,” combine furiously paced beats alongside heartfelt vocals that act as the perfect bookend for the EP.


Reflecting on his artistic shift, Illangelo shares, “I had just finished executive producing The Weeknd’s After Hours and started working with Grimes when I spiraled deep into the electronic world and sonics. For the last year, I’ve been studying, experimenting and writing. This EP marks not just a new chapter in my career but also the beginning of a profound exploration within the realm of electronic music.”

Illangelo is an old-school producer in that rather than send music off online and collaborate remotely, he works with all his collaborators in person. It makes the collaboration move quickly, but it also adds to the magic and all those intangibles that make for a great song. For this EP, Illangelo stepped out of his comfort zone to write lyrics and sing for the first time.“The making of this EP was very unique. For the first time, I’m writing lyrics, singing, and discovering my voice. I then utilized the latest AI technology to transform my voice to another. This was impossible just a few months ago. I’m truly at the beginning of what I’m going to carve out and create within this electronic world,”  he adds.