As 2024 approaches, Spinnin’ Sessions proudly announces its return to Nordic soil, presenting one of its first editions of the new year in the beautiful city of Stavanger, Norway. Touching down in the Stavanger Konserthus on Saturday 24 February, the party promises to be something extraordinary, featuring all of the Sessions madness along with a massive Spinnin’ line-up consisting of DJ’s Mesto, Dastic, Labi Ramaj and Maniba, along with support DJ Devan. Be sure to head north when this much anticipated event goes down, tickets are available now

It’s been a while since the Sessions party touched ground in Norway. Ever since the first event in 2020, artists and crew have been eager to return to the impressive Scandinavian country, known for its enthused crowds and burgeoning electronic music scene.

Now, it’s finally happening. And the return of Sessions promises to be something special, as the event has witnessed an incredible rise to fame with its globally touring concept these last years, and is sure to take this experience to the Stavanger Konserthus. 

Expect a solid club party, featuring Sessions’ characteristic good vibes, impressive visuals, and overwhelming DJ performances by some of Spinnin’s most well-known artists. 

This includes renowned Dutch DJ/producers Mesto and Dastic, who have both dropped widely acclaimed hits on the Spinnin’ label, as well as Norway’s finest Labi Ramaj and upcoming Dutch artist Maniba. The show will be supported by local maestro Devan – all together promising a lively night full of bass house, bounce, future and deep house.

So, the Sessions magic is back once again in Norway, touching down in Stavanger with a fierce dose of energy and excitement – be sure to join the madness on February 24th!  

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