The rise of North American artist SHWAY continues at an enviable pace, with his latest release hitting over 1.7m streams. We caught up with SHWAY to discuss his recent collaboration with Brennan Heart on a remake of his single ‘Solo’ & more! We had a chat with SHWAY about these milestones and also about other topics.

EDM Nations – SHWAY, welcome to EDM Nations & how’s everything with you right now?

SHWAY – Thank you 🙏 I’m doing great. Had an amazing 2023 and now really looking forward to 2024.

EDM Nations – With your collaboration on ‘Solo’ with Brennan Heart reaching over 1.7m streams on Spotify, when did you first begin talks on working together?

SHWAY – A good friend of mine Trevor Guthrie was working with Brennan Heart during the summer. My own version of ‘Solo’ had been released and he shared it with Brennan. A few days later, I woke up to a DM from Brennan asking me for the stems of the track. I was beyond words. And the rest is history.

EDM Nations – Injecting a fresh and upfront sound on the original of ‘Solo’, is this the first time you & Brennan Heart have collaborated?

SHWAY – Yes, this is my first collaboration with him.

EDM Nations – With you already holding a number of club residencies, what kind of sound do your performances deliver?

SHWAY – I prefer to play a lot of melodic music that also has a good rhythm to keep people moving.

EDM Nations – In terms of duration, do you prefer playing extended sets & if so, how long typically?

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SHWAY – Yes, I do! I like being able to start a crowd moving from the beginning stages of the night to having them put their hands in the air when the energy is high.

EDM Nations – As you look towards 2024, are there any other artists you’d love to collaborate with?

SHWAY – There’s always artist in mind that I’d love to make music with however my main focus is to finish the two tracks I’m working on currently. I’m very passionate about these two and can’t wait to show the world.

EDM Nations – Lastly, with the festive season approaching, where are you planning on seeing in the new year?

SHWAY – A few gigs are already in the hopper but I’d love to go to ADE and get enriched by the Dutch dance culture.

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