Exceptional sound fused with exceptional voices create the biggest hits. The coolest gang that you have seen, SICKOTOY, INNA, Antonia and Eva Timush have a word to say in the music industry, that it is time to have fun. All eyes on this incredible collaboration that promise you to make you feel confident and present the best version of yourself on the dancefloor.

“A pleasure to work with such big names in songwriting and with such talents. I believe that ‘Bad Girls’ is the perfect combination of voices and energies and I hope that you will all love it and take the song with you by the end of time.” says SICKOTOY

SICKOTOY is one of the most successful DJs and producers in Central and Eastern Europe and the winner of a Latin Grammy for the Best Latin, Rock and Urban Alternative Album that he won for his collab with Pitbull, Mohombi and Wisin for ‘Baddest Girl in Town’. SICKOTOY also had multiple successful collaborations racking up millions of streams, with names such as INNA, Ilkay Sencan, Minelli and his songs have conquered the radio charts in Central and Eastern Europe and produced with artists such as INNA, Alok, Ilkay Sencan and many others. In addition, he was asked to judge the competition ‘One True Singer’ produced by Global Records and HBO MAX.

“Always great to team up with Antonia and SICKOTOY and I am excited to have Eva Timush joining us for ‘Bad Girls’. Hit play and feel the rhythm!” says INNA

INNA, a musical powerhouse, boasting a string of hits and numerous awards. Her dance tracks like ‘Hot’, ‘Sun Is Up’, and ‘Déjà vu’ have dominated charts worldwide. Numerous collaborations with top artists such as Pitbull, Flo Rida, and Sean Paul have solidified her as an international sensation. She made history as the first European female artist to reach 1 billion YouTube views and hit 10 billion views and streams last year. This year INNA released ‘Yummy’ with Dhurata Dora and Stefflon Don, her new album ‘Just Dance’ and recently, her collaboration with ‘Freak’ with Tujamo and Azteck has set dance floors on fire.


“Excited about this cool combo with SICKOTOY, INNA and Eva Timush. ‘Bad Girls’ has a certain sass to it that I like! Shout out to my bad girls!” says Antonia

This year, Antonia released ‘Dududum’ with Florian Rus, a love song that won the hearts of the public, as well as ‘Late Night Feelings’, a song which dominated the radios of Bulgaria, Poland, Lithuania and her latest release ‘Ping Pong’, is on almost every radio in Romania and on Top 100 Shazam, with peak position #24. Last year was the year of collaborations for Antonia, releasing ‘Una Favela’ with Qodës, a song that conquered the charts in Greece and Bulgaria, ‘Send Me Your Love’ with Gromee, a well-known Polish DJ and producer, and ‘Clap Clap’ with Gran Error and Elvana.

“Couldn’t be happier to work with these big names that I have admired all my life. It’s a dream come true to be one of the ‘Bad Girls’ along with INNA and Antonia and to work with the amazing producer SICKOTOY.” says Eva Timush.