Still going strong on this year’s club hit “SYMPHONY,” Danish tastemaker Matt Hawk now delivers the impressive follow-up “GANG GANG.”

Released on HEDEGAARD’s burgeoning OneHundred label, this fresh tune builds on Hawk’s popular Ghetto Bounce sound, thriving on cool temporized beats and sturdy vocals.

“GANG GANG” delivers more than vigorous car music vibes, though, as the song revolves around one of the world’s most famous classical melodies, Mozart’s “Für Elise.” In this new setting, the indestructible piano chords form a sturdy base for the track’s rhythm, nicely making way for the ominous vocal lines.

Together with the heavy beats and moody synth pads, you get a melancholic setting that resonates perfectly with the contemporary car music sound, currently making waves throughout OneHundred’s output.

Effectively, Matt Hawk sets a new tone with this record, allowing his “GANG GANG” to further explore his proven production style. Catch it now, on OneHundred.

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