Being online and having a presence is one of the most valuable ways to be make it this generation as an influencer or artist. With that comes a lot of pressure to not only be consistent, but also bring quality to your online followers. One person leading the way for India’s rising stars is none other than Adwaith S.

This prolific music industry expert has been in the entertainment field from a very young age. Adwaith made a name for himself in the music and entertainment business as a person who can change things, especially for independent public figures, artists and celebrities. He was born in Kerala, India and has been working professionally since his young age. He has worked as a reputation and digital manager with leading Indian acts who’s booming worldwide right now, such as Thaikkudam Bridge, Dabzee, ThirumaLi, Masala Coffee, and many more, who have all been seen performing Internationally several times, despites in India itself.

Adwaith started his career in Marketing and Social Media while still in college, working with labels and music artists. Over time, he transitioned into a notable reputation and digital manager for Influencers, Celebrities, and music organizations. who has managed almost all leading South Indian artists. With a roster including many top South Indian artists, his influence on the music business in South Asia is undeniable.

One thing that sets Adwaith apart as a music businessman is his all-around attitude. Adwaith states he works on every step of the growth process, from creating a strategic growth plan for his clients, focusing on reputation and brand image development, market analysis, and trend adaptation. His efforts have culminated in building an established presence online for his clients and a significant presence for the clients under his wing.

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In 2024, He started a new venture launching a reputation management brand called CTLG ( (pronounced Catalog), alongside his friend, Aadil Mohamed. Excitingly, Adwaith revealed that they have signed their first deal with a South Indian Hip-hop artist “ThirumaLi” to oversee his online reputation and marketing.