DJ FrenkyZ, also known as Frank Zijdel, was born and raised in The Netherlands. He started his musical career when he was a teenager. He had a 5 year education in playing the violin. Shortly after he started DJ-ing. At the age of 14 he was already performing in his hometown.

In 2012 he started DJ-ing on a professional level. Shortly after he performed in clubs and festivals all over Europe but just two years later he shifted his focus from all round DJ-ing to his true love: trance. He followed a music producing education and started producing trance music with the release of his first track in 2015.

FrenkyZ newest release comes in the shape of an uplfiting trance pearl called “Lunar” which perfectly displays the dutch innate musicality. A highly emotive Trance track that interlocks gorgeous chords and melodies with a powerful groove. The break part is out of this world, like it should be. I really love this new record by FrenkyZ and i strongly suggest you to click bellow and have a listen. You will love it too:

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