Strangers In Paradise, released today on Bedrock Records, is an album with a story like no other.

September 2019: As Typhoon LingLing battered South Korea, the inhabitants of the rugged, volcanic island of Jeju frantically set up ‘typhoon parties’, collectively clubbing together to share resources and to shelter from the onslaught of the elements. This is how Al, Barry and Dibby met. The trio instantly gelled.

When the superstorm finally passed, they emerged and began to make music together; three musicians from widely varying backgrounds, yet with a shared love of vintage synths, blues guitar and psychedelic electronic music. Thus, Island Hill were born.

Strangers In Paradise is a musical snapshot of their incredible time together on Jeju and one of the freshest, most original albums for quite a while, born from a melting pot of musical environments and inspirations in the studio. Dark synths ripple and fuse with warm pacific guitars, vibrant vocals and harmonies nestled perfectly in the mix. Intelligent lyrics delivered through brooding, but bright and beautiful soundscapes. No wonder Island Hill are widely tipped as ones to watch this year.

Island Hill

Island Hill on Strangers In Paradise: We’re humbled to release our debut album on the iconic Bedrock Records, and we thank Scott and John for trusting and running with our sound. It all began with us experimenting in a small home studio over a few cheeky soju (Korean rice spirit). That relaxed vibe culminated in a warm and open-hearted album. Thank you so much to Of Norway, Jamie Stevens, and Dee Montero. Their collaborations brought so much depth and complexity to the album’s theme.

John Digweed, electronic musical legend and head of Bedrock Records, said about the trio: Every once in a while, you hear something that really stands out from the crowd.

The initial demos that grabbed my attention have slowly matured into what is now a very accomplished body of work. I’m very proud to have an artist album like Strangers In Paradise released on Bedrock. You can hear the combination of their musical minds working together on this project, their collective influences and skills synchronising to deliver such a fantastic album.

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