Adding fresh impulses to its renowned Talent Pool, Spinnin’ Records’ proudly teams up with popular car brand CUPRA for a unique, and excitingly new Demo Drop competition. As the adventure starts March 8th, the competition features none other than Mr. Belt & Wezol selecting finalists during a unique Convoy Ride and several DJ performances at the CUPRA City Garage in Rotterdam. With this inventive project, CUPRA aims to deliver creative, unconventional accents to the search for new musical talent – adding more entertainment for the audience along the way. Catch the impulse of a new DJ generation now, as the contest starts here.

Spanish car brand CUPRA is known for its plug-in hybrids, always focusing to push boundaries with new designs and creative, pioneering projects. The CUPRA X Spinnin’ Talent Pool contest gives space to this rebellious spirit, setting up a colorful playground for up-and-coming artists, in order for them to deliver something special and distinctive.

In effect, this competition brings new perspectives to the already famed Demo Drop. Initially, the contest kicks off in its usual guise, giving producers the chance to upload their tracks from March 8th to April 20th 2023. During this period, Spinnin’ and CUPRA will organize exclusive masterclasses, taking place Thursday 6 April at the CUPRA City Garage in Rotterdam, featuring various speakers who’ll discuss different aspects of the music industry.

Following this first period of the contest, acclaimed Dutch DJ/producer duo Mr. Belt & Wezol and Spinnin’s A&R team will check the uploaded tracks, and select eight finalists. With these finalists, the Demo Drop enters a cool new chapter, namely a unique Convoy Ride with four CUPRA cars, cruising the streets of Rotterdam on May 25th. Mr. Belt & Wezol will be sitting in one of these cars, listening to the demos along with the participants. From the eight finalist tracks, four will be selected for the next round.

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This next round will take place straight after the Convoy Ride, featuring the four finalists in a DJ performance at the CUPRA City Garage Rotterdam. Following their performance, two finalists will be chosen by Mr. Belt & Wezol, who will each win 2 hours studio time with the duo.  After this studio session, one winner will be selected by Mr. Belt & Wezol and Spinnin’s A&R team. This winning track will be released on Spinnin’ Records Talent Pool imprint, along with an announcement on Spinnin’s Talent Pool Instagram, as well as a Pioneer DJ set.

With this project, CUPRA aims to ignite a fresh burst of creativity into the Talent Pool artists. As the brand is known for its unconventional approach and urge to always push the envelope, it focuses on a similar effect with this unique Demo Drop. The goal is for new sounds and fresh beats to emerge, presenting the artists and their music in an exclusive, CUPRA styled fashion.  Music has no rules; which is exactly the mentality CUPRA wants to emphasize here. Reinvent yourself, and let inspiration take you on the ride of your life.