Hotboxx’s vibrant signature sound and lively energy have captivated listeners around the globe, continuing to garner attention as he drops powerful productions and delivers memorable live shows. With such a passion and enthusiasm for both Electronic Music and his craft, Hotboxx appears with a style that remains unique and original, ever-evolving as he continues drawing from influences and linking up with other Producers. Today, we’re looking forward to being joined by Hotboxx to talk about his creativity, diving into the ways in which he remains motivated artistically and the inspirations that keep driving his musical momentum.

Hello Hotboxx, how’s it going?

Doing well – thank you for asking!

Firstly, can you tell us, what inspires your creativity?

Honestly, I try and draw inspiration from as many sources as possible to keep           the creativity and the projects flowing. Definitely working on collaborations helps me tremendously as well and just listening to other music helps me to think of ideas and pushes me to create.

When do you feel most creative – morning, afternoon, or evening?

It really depends on the day but definitely in the afternoon is when I feel like I love creating – it’s still day time, I’m not burnt out but I’m also not just waking up like in the morning so if I had to pick one, I’d say afternoon.

How do you make sure your creative expression remains unique and original within the genre?

I mean, I definitely think most of my music is a fusion of genres but I definitely try to use similar techniques, sounds, synths so that there is consistency across my tracks.

What gets your creativity flowing?

I love to spin and listen to music for an hour or so if I have the time before I get in the studio: that pushes me to get ideas.  Also listening to music or watching production YouTube videos helps inspire me as well. Going to shows also helps.

Do you ever struggle to feel motivated? What do you do when you lack inspiration to create?

Not really, sometimes I do need a push if it’s been a long day but I find collaborating with other Artists gives me that push so, thankfully, I have a lot of amazing local Producers I work with and can link up with on those less inspired days – that gets the creativity flowing


Are you inspired by any other creative sources outside of music, such as movies or art?

Definitely some art and movies can push my creativity.  Art and movies push me in the sense that it creates a scene and I associate what kind of music would go well in that scene and it gets me thinking what tracks I should be producing or playing at certain venues.

Do you enjoy any other creative activities or hobbies, like painting?

I mean I try and keep busy – I don’t paint but sometimes do play with illustrators.

What do you do to relax after a busy day creating?

Just chill, maybe watch a comedy that doesn’t make me think much to let my mind rest. 

Does your studio feed your creativity at all? Have you created a space that’s inspiring to you? If so, how?

My studio doesn’t necessarily inspire me to create but the use and ease of use is something that I really tried to do in my studio to make it as easy and convenient as possible to create so that I have no excuses not too.  The collaborations and different production tools that are coming out, that’s what I draw my inspiration from in my studio.

We conclude our interview with Hotboxx by thanking him for his time and for allowing us a glimpse into his process when it comes to creative thinking: as he continues to offer unique productions, distinct in their blend of elements across genres, as well as a showcasing sound that draws from a range of influences and inspirations, Hotboxx is sure to maintain his reputation as one of the most exciting stars on the scene today. So, make sure to keep up with him by following him on social media.

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