Dutch producers Koen and Gijs, aka Callecat, present the hotly anticipated Symbiosis album, released 12th April on Manual Music. Every collaboration is equally as brilliant as the previous, taking you on a blissed-out journey with some of the best producers in electronic music.

Callecat themselves are very much a symbiotic relationship. Koen is more the DJ and Gijs the producer in this union, though both very capable in each field. Their shared sense of humor adds a playful twist to their productions. Their fun loving and light-hearted approach in their Utrecht studio helps bring you some of the best progressive electronic music around.

Callecat feel that making and experiencing music is even more special when you attract other people in it. This inspired them to make this album the way it was made together… In symbiosis: “the interaction between two or more different organisms, to the advantage of both”.

The first track, The Intro sets the scene perfectly for the album and for the dreamy Embracing Nature with Gustin, who brought a beautiful Balearic feel with him from Ibiza. This leads you into The Balance of Being with Bodai, whose organic production style warm vocal tones send you into serenity. Juliane Wolf’s beautiful melodies on Journey of Species seamlessly combine with a compelling danceability and Nick Varon adds deep and groovy melodic twist to Beyond Perceptions.

Hobin Rude’s deep, dark driving vibe resonates from the depths on Infinite Enclosure and Meeting Molly brings the groove and atmosphere on Unified Formulas. Not Demure’s fantastic lead sound shines on Recurring Phases and Paul Hazendonk (head honcho of Manual Music) has an incredible instinct for what makes a dancefloor groove, on State of Mind.

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The Wash incorporates the mesmerizing arpeggio to Symbiotic Symphony. Fabri Lopez enriches Mutual Horizons with cool quirky sounds and a beautiful arrangement. Forty Cats’ beautiful melodic moments bring subtle atmospheres to Interconnecting Echoes without it losing Callecat’s edginess.

Around Us are good friends and repeat collaborators with Callecat, their infinite creativity shining through on In Unity We Thrive. By the time The Outro has finished, you will want to put the album back to the start and hear the whole brilliant release again. In fact, the first notes on The Intro match perfectly with the last notes from The Outro, enabling you to loop the album seamlessly. With Symbiosis, Callecat bring you music for the soul that will guide you through 2024. In a time where the world is divided, Koen and Gijs bring you a slice of joy to show what can be achieved when we work together in harmony, with a smile on our faces.

Stream or download it here: https://manual-music.lnk.to/MAN412