World renowned hit producer Gabry Ponte has teamed up with legendary German dance act Sash! to bring one of their 90’s classics back to life. “Never Be Alone” revolves around the original melody of all-time favorite “Stay” by Sash!, reinterpreted in the most energetic and main stage style of the famous Italian DJ/producer. The result is a brand new mainstage monster, working itself towards a steadily built climax, taking the music sky high on a dark, future rave drop. Two legends at work here, ready to overwhelm you with this inter generational and passionate anthem – out now on Spinnin’ Records.

“Never Be Alone” proves the point, as it revamps one of Sash! most famous melodies into a brand new contemporary tune. Originally an emotionally charged vocal house tune, “Stay” is re-imagined here in the capable hands of Gabry Ponte, who takes his time to build a vibe, setting off with subtle electronic chords to accompany spacious sounds and fresh, original vocals.

Then, the future rave madness kicks in, unleashed in the shape of high synth stabs, introducing that incredible melody in the most overwhelming style. Steadily, the vibe intensifies, culminating in a deep, bass driven rumble, drowning in effects before finally unleashing a vigorous beat. It’s a huge moment, marking the evolution of this tune, from uplifting 90’s classic to a dark, 21st century future rave apotheosis.

It’s a magnificent blast from the past, applied by two of dance music’s most seasoned and appreciated acts. No matter the time and place, Gabry Ponte and Sash! will “Never Be Alone.” 

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