Colorize’s highly acclaimed compilation series Colorscapes returns for its fourth volume on 14 October, featuring three stunning DJ mixes from Matt Fax, PRAANA, and a debut Colorscapes appearance from Dutch Producer & DJ Estiva, putting a spotlight on the most exciting acts coming out in the worlds of progressive, melodic, and deep dance music, with almost all tracks completely new and unreleased.

As well as unreleased gems from Matt Fax, PRAANA, and Estiva, the trio premiere and shine a light on tracks from established Colorize arists including Klur, Modera, L.GU., Alex Breitling, Rokazer, Tommy Baynen and Eugene Becker, plus label debuts from Hessian, Bridges, Gabben, AUTOFLOWER, Datskie and Leo Lauretti.

To celebrate the release of Colorscapes Volume Four, Colorize will host its largest European event to date, held as part of Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) at Nova on 20 October.

Matt Fax & Estiva

Having compiled Colorscapes since its inception in 2019, Matt Fax said: “With Colorscapes, I try to take a different approach in the selection and the mixing. This year, I wanted to showcase the Colorize sound palette by selecting tracks that really reflect the label’s mood and identity.”

Colorscapes newcomer Estiva said: “As an artist, it’s satisfying to be able to show your full story, your purpose. You don’t often get the chance to take the listener on a journey and tell them what’s in your head through music. Colorscapes allowed me to translate my musical vision into a coherent DJ mix, using tracks that scatter around on the melodic dance music spectrum. I feel closely connected to the Colorscapes series as the music resonates with my personality. Usually, the music is uplifting but sometimes may have hints of melancholy and loneliness. However the element of hope always shines through.”

PRAANA said: “It was such a labour of love to mix the fourth volume of Colorscapes, alongside two other mixes from Matt Fax & Estiva. We hope that this vibrational technology resonates deeply within each of you, and manifests as Inner Quiescence!”

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