Born in the realm between worlds, Ghostfallen brings melodic heavy music that is very lyric focused. Blending Future Bass, Melodic Dubstep, Melodic Bass, and Rock with deep hitting lyrics, Ghostfallen’s aim is to help the listener express various emotional events from finding hope or faith or just to reinforce that it’s okay to ask for help.

Ghostfallen just released an addictive future bass original called “Find Me”. A mixture of vocal loops and chops, explosive synths and mellow pads and plucks, the tune has an unique and fresh atmosphere to itself. The transitions are smooth and the track feels very cohesive overall further enhancing the atmosphere, while at the same time, the great drums and synths ensure it has all the necessary energy to be a huge club-ready tune.


This record will give you the chills, because of it’s warm and heavenly vibes, beautifully combined with the vocals. If like future bass, this tune is a must for your personal playlist, trust me. Definitely a track worthy of your collection, so go check it out now and add it to your personal playlist:

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