Make no mistake – this track is a legend: “Music Sounds Better With You”, Stardust’s 1998 single. It is considered the world’s best-selling house track of all time – and yet Daft Punk member Thomas Bangalter, singer Benjamin Diamond, and producer Alan Braxe disbanded their joint project after just one track. The stuff legends are made of. And no small shoes to fill for whoever sets out to rework this true classic of the genre.

Which brings us to Alle Farben. Who, if not the Berlin DJ/producer should be eligible for mastering this challenge. After all, his various reworks have proven more than once that he excels when it comes to reworking existing songs into exciting new sonic textures. Long before he became a globally successful DJ and producer, he was a music listener and fan first, spending countless hours in Berlin record stores digging the crates for house and electro sounds. “Music Sounds Better With You” also dates back to this period, as he recalls:

“I’ve been a fan ever since the record came out. Getting it wasn’t that easy back then, since it wasn’t yet the time when you just ordered everything on the internet. After I located the right record store and obtained the record, I played it so many times, I even had to get a second one at some point. To this day, I’m such a big fan of that song and I’m just so happy that I got the clearance to sample it and do it.”

And he wasn’t alone in the studio: Keanu Silva, another master of his craft, was part of the exciting endeavor. With previous songs like “King Of My Castle” or “Hardcore Vibes”, the German DJ and producer has also proven himself to be a true champ when it comes to reworking songs. 
In their version, Alle Farben and Keanu Silva step it up a few notches in every respect: The BPM count goes up, the sonic density increases, the whole sound is clearly more club-oriented. Keeping the unmistakable guitar lick of the original of course, we are otherwise pointed directly to the dancefloor by slapping basses, pumping beats and euphoric drops – this is “Music Sounds Better With You”, leaving it’s breezy house feel at the club’s cloak roam in exchange for a rousing dance production.

Speaking about his collaboration with Keanu Silva, Alle Farben shares: “Keanu is someone I really respect, and I’ve played a lot of his music over the years. We’ve been wanting to get something going together for ages, in fact there was a bit of a rumor about a year ago. We were hanging out at the time, doing the press pictures. Back then, we were teasing people about how they would feel about a joint release, whereas in fact, the whole thing was already signed, sealed and delivered. I’m very excited about this release!”
“Music Sounds Better With You” follows last year’s Warner Music debut single “Alright (feat. KIDDO)” by Alle Farben, which hit #1 on the German airplay charts – his fifth #1 success in Germany. It was followed by an official remix for Ed Sheeran’s single “Overpass Graffiti”, a nomination as “Best Dance Act” at Germany’s biggest radio award “1LIVE Krone” and, to top things off, he was the official DJ at the big 2021-22 new year’s event “Celebrate at the Gate“ at famous Brandenburg Gate in Berlin.