Straight for the might LA we bring you a strange but beautiful duo Eflorem. Strange because of their unique sound signature, which i personally love it. As i wrote many times, i really like producers that are exploring new boundaries and don’t care about genres or sub genres. Only doing that, you can achieve unexpected and great results !

Well, these guys are nailing it with their newest release “With You”, which can be described as a beautiful and crazy hybrid between bass house, dubstep and pure house genres, a speedhouse genre if you want. A mix of apparently random leads and synths, mixed together with vocals and pumping rhythms, are creating an organized and well aimed musical chaos, designed to make the listener go crazy !

From the production point of view, everything sounds great, from transitions to build ups and breaks, with a very energetic drop part, that will bite from your speakers repeatedly, until they will beg for mercy. The mastering and mixdown are also on point, resulting in a perfect balance for your personal audition.

Overall a solid production, strange, but beautiful ! Love it ! Check it out bellow:

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