For the first time in a decade, the legendary Pink Floyd has approved the use of its infamous sample from “Another Brick In The Wall.” Reinvigorated by the production skills of Italian producer Piero Pirupa, “We Don’t Need” is a DJ weapon at its finest. Working the famous guitar lines and lyrics from “Another Brick In The Wall” into a fierce tech house groove, “We Don’t Need” is guaranteed to be one of the 2022’s most memorably headturning tunes. Catch this undoubtedly momentous release via Spinnin’ Deep.

Originally released in 1979, “Another Brick In The Wall” has served as a source of inspiration generations of artists since. The iconic tune still holds up this day with its indestructible guitar riffs and timeless vocals. Although samples of the record have popped up throughout the years, Pink Floyd has been careful with its legacy, hesitant to grant any sample clearance for the last ten years.

Cut to the present day, the famed Italian DJ/producer paves the way for his next milestone, as he officially reworks the classic track into his visceral and beat-ridden tech house universe. An ID that’s been sought after since Burning Man 2020, “We Don’t Need” has been hammered out in sets from the likes of Carl Cox Fisher, Lee Foss and John Summit over the past few years.

Piero Pirupa

“We Don’t Need”  effortlessly flows with Pirupa’s trademark beats and percussion, subtly revealing the Pink Floyd lyrics in spacious effects. As the record pushes on, the catchy tech house grooves fade, parting the sonic skies so that Pink Floyd’s original can shine. The famous guitar lines will create a widepreadstir of recognition, as well as the children’s choir, begging for one of those collective dance floor moments. It’s 1979 all over again, until Pirupa slices through the vocals and unleashes a relentless tech house beat on full blast.

Piero Pirupa knows his way around classics, however. Last year, he successfully revamped Rozalla’s dance hit “Everybody’s Free To Feel Good” into a memorable club gem. Since then late zeroes, Piero has perfected an impressive clubbing resume, during which he produced a series of powerful dance records, often building a bridge between house music, techy beats, and deep tribal grooves.