Composer/Producer Danny Olson is advancing on his cinematic journey towards his EP with the project’s second single “The Far Side.” Featuring the Universal Music Group songwriter and vocalist David Frank – who has cuts with Kygo, Merk & Kremon and more – “The Far Side” is a truly epic genre-bending original.

Danny rides the line between future bass/trap with orchestral instrumentation elevating the energy and giving the song a larger-than-life feel. David’s immaculate performance is a certain highlight and it further establishes his prowess as a strong vocal force in electronic music.

The Far Side” takes its inspiration from such scores as Stranger Things, James Bond and 2001: A Space Odyssey while Danny injects the production with a dance-driven attitude. Imploring unique sound design, booming brass and Danny’s signature spark, this single takes listeners on an out of this world adventure they will not forget.