Taking you on a trip of discovery, Terry Golden proves once again through ‘Illusion’ that his talent for creating mindful beats, as well as hard-hitting bangers is like no other. This melodic and bouncy single offers up some seriously infectious vibes, as big kicks paired with the offbeat bass grabs your attention from the start. Terry has perfected every aspect of this release, as the pads and arpeggiated synths merge seamlessly together with the rest of the track, backed by an explosive energy that seeps from all corners of the speaker that burns the track into your mind. Terry sets the marker with this release, wrapping it up as the perfect dancefloor dominator bound to go down a treat in any setting.

1. Hey Terry, great to hear from you. First of all, how are you doing?

Hey, I am doing good, just hoping that we all can come back to a normal world, without having to fear, that events get closed down etc due to Covid-19

Terry Golden

2. How did you come up with the idea for ‘Illusion’?

Melodic Techno and Progressive music is something I love to listen to when I am at home, just relaxing, cleaning the house or whatever, the vibe is just awesome. So, for me it was natural to. Try and make my own. It’s the first one for me, and I think I nailed it. Song started out with this vocal sample in the middle, I find that one by accident, one evening searching Splice for a vocal part to another track. From there it just came into my head

3. Is there a certain theme or atmosphere you’re sticking to this year?

Absolutely in the direction of Future Rave sound, with my own twist. I like to make music with energy, something you can use working out, in the club or on a festival. Terry Golden should always be about energy, but always with the melodic part, so not your typical Big Room sound

4. What do you do to develop such a powerful atmosphere throughout your releases?

For me the most important part of the song it the drop, it’s here your release the tension you have built, and that’s the part you must remember and feel all the way to your stomach. I work a lot with my leads, bass and kick relation, as these are the most important element, so they have to stand out in the mix – and that’s where a lot of the energy is coming from.

5. How would you compare this to some of your other releases?

Very different, as this is more about the vibe than the energy, its dreamier in the composition and you don’t get the big drop, but more a constant vibe true out the song

6. Got any tips for budding producers wanting to crack the scene?

Start to spend some time learning your daw, and basic in music production, before your actually start to produce music. This will save you a ton of time for the future, and get you off to a good start

7. What is your favourite piece of software when producing music?

Serum for sure, all my bass and leads, pads etc I mainly use Serum. I often start with a good pre-set, and then shape my sound around it

Terry Golden

8. Did you have to overcome any struggles production wise with this release?

Not really, it just came to me very quickly. So only struggle I had, was the usual question, I always ask myself – Is this good enough, or maybe I just adjust some more details. I guess many of us is somehow perfectionist, but at a point if you like the sound, just say – OK its done.

9. How has the initial reaction been?

It has had some good support in quite many radio shows, so a bit surprised about that – so it good

10. How are you currently keeping busy?

That’s not a problem, now working on 3 colabs with some great singers, and a. full album coming out next summer. I am super excited about that, as it will also be released on vinyl.

Thanks for your time ! You can stream “Illusion” bellow: