A woman's hands and forearms are shown as she models a vintage pair of formal white knit gloves. She seems to be adjusting the gloves.

Marco Dalla Villa is a London based DJ and producer originally from Italy. Having studied music theory and composition from a very young age, Marco uses his theoretical knowledge in an experimental way. Instead of following a structure, his songs are simply a flow of real emotions which follow a strong, hypnotic beat.

His newest slap house release called “Funny Games” showcase Marco talent and musical knowledge. Powering up with a stream of pulsating bass chords, the vocals bring a melancholic but also creepy vibe that continues as the chorus breaks out. Cool layered beats appear as the energetic backing to a bittersweet song, highlighted by a strong, singalong vocal chant.

Marco Dalla Villa

The energy of the track is excellent thanks to the rhythmic percussion used and the powerful groovy basslines on the drops. The atmosphere is also very solid and the transitions between sections are smoothly executed, giving the track a good flow and cohesion, further reinforcing said atmosphere.

Overall this is could be a very good addition to your personal playlists, so hit play bellow and check it out: