The Grammy-award nominated Italian trio Meduza have been igniting up the world of electronic dance music ever since their single ‘Piece of Your Heart’ skyrocketed them to the global stage just over two years ago, which went on to top the charts in multiple countries. Now the trio are teaming up with the extremely talented Irish singer-songwriter Hozier for the brand new single ‘Tell It To My Heart’.

The song is completely different from usual Hozier music, who has been taken out of his comfort zone, he explains this more when he states:

Towards the end of a long period of weighing up what we’ve missed about night life and its spaces, and with it the communal buzz of dance floors and live electronic music, Meduza reached out to me with a song and it felt like the right time to lend my voice to a project outside my comfort zone

Check out the track bellow and let us know what you think !

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