Canadian Deep House/Melodic House DJ/Producer Didi+ Ping, named an “Artist You Need To Hear” by DJ Mag, has released his action-packed two track EP Pathfinder + Solitude.

Throughout his whole life, he has been driven by two powerful forces: music and his natural surroundings. Each production is infused with lilting melodies, emotional chords and mesmerizing instruments, giving each of his tracks the perfect portion of his essence as an artist.

We were intrigued and chatted with Didi + Ping about his musical influences and his latest release:

  • How did Kristian become Didi + Ping?

It’s a reference to my brother and I, and the music we’d listen to growing up together.

  • What’s the story behind the creation of Pathfinder + Solitude?

I created this EP to celebrate exploration in its purest sense! The curiosity to explore the outside world brings freedom and solitude. Freedom, because the unknown has no restrictions, and solitude, because most people fear and avoid the unknown. And so, most explorers are trailblazers to the rest of us… pathfinders.

  • What do you picture in your mind when you listen to this EP?

I picture a nomad crossing an unknown land. Where is he going? Maybe he travels out of his own curiosity, or maybe he’s looking for answers to help solve a problem back home.

  • What kind of sounds can we find in this release?

       Violins, horns, choirs, mallets, piano… experimental sounds as well. I love them all!

  • Can you tell us about your creative process?

I conceptualize my music first, which is in my head. Inspiration usually hits me when I’m off doing something else, like hiking. Then I compose the piece on my piano. Then I record everything. And finally, I mix and master in my studio. I get cabin fever when I spend too much time in the studio, so I try to avoid it as much as I can.

  • Do you prefer working with physical gear or software?

When mixing and mastering, I prefer software. When playing, I prefer the physical (gear and instruments). I like software because it takes up less space, and when I’m mixing and mastering I’m usually turning knobs and moving faders, which is an action that’s not big enough for me to need physical gear. But, when I’m playing music, the physical stuff feeds my soul. I want to have a direct connection with the music I’m creating, whether that’s finger drumming on my MPC, hitting my drums and bongos, or playing my piano. I grew up playing instruments, so I can’t give that up.

  • Music and nature are 2 essential topics in your life. Why are they so important to you?
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Music is important to me because it’s the language I find the most beautiful. My parents taught it to me at a young age, and so I grew up “speaking” it. I think it’s a universal language worth exploring, and a unique method to communicate ideas, emotions, and stories. Music even makes me feel connected to my ancestors. The way I feel when I play the piano or hear a song can’t be replicated with any other artform, and I’m trying to share that feeling. I grew up surrounded by nature, and sometimes I feel disconnected from it in today’s world. I’m reconnecting!

  • Do they complement each other?

Absolutely… Music is as much a discovery as it is an invention, as secretive and abstract as nature is.

  • You live surrounded by nature in Canada, which are your favorite spots to go and free your mind?

Mountains. Take me to the top of one and I’m bliss incarnate.

  • Your music career is professionalizing incredibly quick. What can we expect from Didi + Ping in the near future?

More music. And some exciting videos that share my love of nature. I also hope to start touring soon.

  • What do you dream about achieving in the Music Industry?

      I want to play a massive show at an outdoor music festival, with a live orchestra!